Support upcoming artists achieve their dream by contributing to the Hideaway Performer Fund

Hideaway Sessions provides platforms that empower and support talented live performers and the Performer Fund goes a step further in fulfilling this aim. Live music performers and venues require support and financial support in order to pursue their careers. The Hideaway Performer fund is designed to accept donations which can be used as Grants to be given directly to live performers to support their musical careers. 


Artists rely heavily on income from performance. During COVID-19 Artists were even told to rethink their careers.

That doesn't sit well with us. 

Hideaway Sessions take no cut from this fund, it's purpose is purely to support performers and venues. The fund is managed via a third-party to ensure all donations go direct to performers and venues.


Contribute towards the longevity of live music. Any donation big or small, may help a small band travel to auditions, purchase new sound equipment or expand their skills to continue monetising their skills and keeping the live music culture alive.


Apply For A Grant 

If you feel you qualify for a grant, please submit an application to be considered below.