lewis comber

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SEB Lupton

Videographer / Mango Media

White and Brown Polaroid Countdown Trave
White and Brown Polaroid Countdown Trave


Owner and Founder

Hideaway Sessions has been a dream of mine for a long time. Being born and raised here in Suffolk, Latitude Festival has always been a summer must, singing and dancing in wellie boots over a long weekend of Live Music and Arts. Hideaway Sessions continues the intimate and wholesome experience all year round supporting Suffolks very best.

I see the financial struggles that performers and venues endure to follow their passions, 

Hideaway Sessions creates a platform by curating unique, relaxed, intimate events and helps support them with the supporter fund. 

I know Sam has what it takes to create intimate experiences that people will love. I'm working with Sam, using my marketing skills to help spread the word about the unique offering of Hideaway. 

We don't want anyone to miss the chance to get limited tickets so I help drum up interest and get as many people onto our social pages and websites as possible so they can learn more about this exciting Suffolk events business.

Hideaway Sessions is something I am proud to be supporting by capturing the true feel of each event. 

Great music, great venues, great atmospheres and great aesthetics are all the things that make both an excellent video, and an excellent Hideaway Session.